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The best and the smallest altimeter in the world for DLG.
MicroAlt is a vario-altimeter designed for discus launchers (DLG) but can be used successfully in any other model plane...
MicroAlt altimeter & variometer calculates altitude and rate of climb using a high precision barometric sensor. This sensor can measure variations in atmospheric pressure as small as 0.012 mbar (10cm).
MicroAlt transmits the data to an telemetry receiver. Receiver compatibility depends on the model number.
MicroAlt does not record any data! But most telemetry radios have the capability of logging telemetry data, making it easier to download logs from radio than from plane.

Measuring specifications:
• Altitude operating range: -1000 to 20.000 m;
• Variometer range: -20 to +20 m/s;
• Altitude Precision: 0.1 m;
• Altitude resolution: 0.01 m;
• Variometer resolution: 0.1 m/s.
Mechanical specifications:
• Storage temperature: -40 to +95 ˚C;
• Operating temperature: -40 to +85 ˚C;
• Dimensions (without wires): 20x8x4 mm .
• Weight 1.25g .
Electrical specifications:
• Operating Supply voltage: 3.3 to 15 V;
• Nominal supply current: 6 mA;
• Maximum supply current: 8 mA.
Never exceed maximum supply voltage of 15 Volts or irreversible damage may occur;
During normal operation Sensor Breather must be protected from direct sunlight else the altimeter will transmit corrupted data.
For any technical or commercial information sent an email to: alin.istrate@aft.ro.